Roleplayworks looks to bring a fair and long term roleplay experience to gamers. Our current projects include:

Los Santos Roleplay is a serious roleplay currently in beta development, providing a serious and immersive voice roleplay using FiveM © in the San Andreas world.

Asset Developer

Asset Developer

  • Remote
  • Remote
  • No. of Vacancies: 2
  • Min Exp: 2+ Years

We’re looking for experienced asset developers with a talent for modeling. Asset developers will be expected to apply their skills in a wide variety of ways, depending on the needs of projects. We’re interested in asset developers who share an equal passion for art and games.

Sorry, we do not accept student reels.


  • Creating clean, low resolution game topology, uv’s and textures.
  • Collaborating with developers to create assets


  • Two or more years modeling experience in film or games
  • Drawing, sculping, or other traditional art skills a plus
  • Take pride in and personal ownership of your work
  • Contribute directly to both the conceptual thinking behind and the physical creation of detailed, high-quality projects.
Roleplayworks Announcement
Los Santos Roleplay has been put on hold.

We're working on a brand new Cops and Robber's gamemode which is our fast-paced action gamemode.

Chase down criminals, become the most wanted crook or simply go about your day as a civilian.

You may still continue to browse this website if you wish.

Roleplayworks has put Los Santos Roleplay on hold while we work on another awesome project, but we will be back!