Roleplayworks looks to bring a fair and long term roleplay experience to gamers. Our current projects include:

Los Santos Roleplay is a serious roleplay currently in beta development, providing a serious and immersive voice roleplay using FiveM © in the San Andreas world.

A world
of Fun, Immersion & Surprises!

We provide you with the tools to create fun, dynamic stories, hidden featrures for your characters to discover in an immersive world backed by our friendly professional staff who work with your feedback.

What to expect?


We create fun via innovative ideas & planning, pushing limitations and boundaries for the roleplay experience with your feedback.

If it’s not fun, why bother?


We pay attention to detail and quality to create an immersive & realistic (but fun) experience. Your character will feel like they’re in San Andreas, whether starting a new or been here long term, helping to shape San Andreas storyline.

Breaking character is not allowed.


We have a professional dedicated team which support the community. We look to create a professional, fun and immersive experience for you to enjoy envisioned our development lead by a full-time game designer.

Some of our Features

* Features are added, changed & possibly removed weekly depending on community feedback.

What can I do?

Create something new & fresh within San Andreas. A land of opportunity awaits for you to start a new life, perhaps entrepreneur a business, or start a notorious gang.

Not sure where to start or maybe seeking a new opportunity? Look no further, with a plethora of existing jobs, activities & groups to join. See below.

Don’t feel like seeking opportunity or want to explore on your own? Drift around San Andreas at your own pace and have the opportunities come to you.

Existing Opportunities

* This is not an exhaustive list of opportunities as new ones arise everyday.

Get Started!

Follow these simple steps to get started!

FiveM is a modification for GTA V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers

Join our Discord to get announcements, updates, support & chat with the community.

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Roleplayworks Announcement
Los Santos Roleplay has been put on hold.

We're working on a brand new Cops and Robber's gamemode which is our fast-paced action gamemode.

Chase down criminals, become the most wanted crook or simply go about your day as a civilian.

You may still continue to browse this website if you wish.

Roleplayworks has put Los Santos Roleplay on hold while we work on another awesome project, but we will be back!