Roleplayworks looks to bring a fair and long term roleplay experience to gamers. Our current projects include:

Los Santos Roleplay is a serious roleplay currently in beta development, providing a serious and immersive voice roleplay using FiveM © in the San Andreas world.


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Voice Setup Guide

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Quick Connect Info

TeamSpeak Server:
Join Channel: Welcome Lobby (TokoVoIP Waiting Room)
Join Game:

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What is TokoVOIP?

TokoVOIP is a client-sided TeamSpeak plugin and script that adds an alternative voice chat to FiveM.

It provides better quality audio, as well as much more control.

Here’s a short list of things it does:

  • Actual proximity-based audio
  • Directional audio
  • Radio system with channels for government agencies, criminals and the public
  • Phone calls
  • Radio sound effects
  • Radio clicks

Why TokoVOIP over normal voice?

  • When adjusting FiveM Voice’s “shouting, talking & whispering” it only adjusts your receiving distance, and not your actual transmitting distance.
  • Sound is a lot clearer & can be adjusted easier

How to Install TeamSpeak

  1. Download TeamSpeak here:
  2. Install Teamspeak

How to Install TokoVOIP

  1. Download the tokovoip_X_X_X.ts3_plugin from here:
  2. Install the downloaded ts3_plugin, it will prompt you to install it into Teamspeak.
  3. Restart Teamspeak once installed.
  4. If installed correctly, under the Plugins menu you should now see “TokoVoip”

Connecting to TokoVOIP

  1. Open Teamspeak 3
  2. Connect to our Teamspeak server:
  3. Connect to the “Welcome Lobby (TokoVoIP Waiting Room)” channel.
  4. That’s it. The blocker message should now disappear. Have fun!


Q: I receive an error “Api version is not compatible”


A: Update your TeamSpeak 3 & Enable the “TokoVOIP” Plugin


Q: When I try to install the plugin, TeamSpeak 3 opens, but does not install the plugin.

This occurs when you have selected TeamSpeak 3 as the default program to open .ts3_plugin files.

A: Run C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\createfileassoc.exe then try to run the .ts3_plugin file again.


Quick Questions

Q: My microphone is always transmitting.
A: Setup a hotkey to set push to talk on TeamSpeak.

Q: Do we have to download & use TeamSpeak?
A: Yes, it is a requirement as it provides much better sound quality, easier troubleshooting (no more Settings menu) and realistic voice distance.

Q: My voice is not transmitting in game.
A: Setup a hotkey to set push to talk on TeamSpeak.

Q: How do I transmit on the radio?
A: The default radio transmit is CAPSLOCK

Q: I can hear people twice in game.
A: Disable your voice chat settings in the GTA V settings.

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Roleplayworks Announcement
Los Santos Roleplay has been put on hold.

We're working on a brand new Cops and Robber's gamemode which is our fast-paced action gamemode.

Chase down criminals, become the most wanted crook or simply go about your day as a civilian.

You may still continue to browse this website if you wish.

Roleplayworks has put Los Santos Roleplay on hold while we work on another awesome project, but we will be back!