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How to purchase items from a shop

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Shops are a main source of items, however different shops may supply different things.


  • Some money to purchase an item


  1. Find a shop that you wish to go to on the map.
  2. Walk into the marker located within the shop.
  3. Press E to shop.
  4. Navigate to the item you wish to purchase with the /\ and \/ (arrow) keys.
  5. Set the quantity you wish to purchase with the < and > (arrow) keys.
    1. Note: You can only carry a certain number of items.
  6. Press Enter to make a purchase.
  7. Press Backspace to exit out of the shop menu.
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Roleplayworks Announcement
Los Santos Roleplay has been put on hold.

We're working on a brand new Cops and Robber's gamemode which is our fast-paced action gamemode.

Chase down criminals, become the most wanted crook or simply go about your day as a civilian.

You may still continue to browse this website if you wish.

Roleplayworks has put Los Santos Roleplay on hold while we work on another awesome project, but we will be back!